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Nutrition is the lever with which we use to alter our Biochemistry.

Biochemistry underpins neurophysiology. Without nutrition, physiology cannot occur optimally.

The premises of nutrition medicine:

For disease and symptoms to occur, human biochemistry must be abnormal. Behind all changes in health leading to disease and symptoms are cellular and nutrient resource management issues. If a biological system had the resources to meet a challenge or a stimulus, the result would be perfect balance and the system would remain symptom free. The human body manages the multitude of highly complex interactions to maintain balance and continually return the body’s systems to function within a normal range. This process is essential to the survival of the person.

For normal function to be maintained certain rules and assumptions apply:

  • Biochemistry occurs mostly in the cell not in the blood stream.
  • Cells require nutrients to function normally.
  • There is no average person. We are as unique from one another as our retinal map
  • There is no average cell.
  • Cells are defined by their output.
  • Nutrients function better when toxin levels are low.
  • If there is to be a normal range for something, there must be a compensatory mechanism to keep it within the range.
  • Functional Nutrition is looking for the process or cause that is pushing nutrients out of range. This involves looking at why the biological system failed to correct itself. This is likely to involve toxicity, damage or a deficiency of appropriate nutrition. If resources were perfect the biological system SHOULD be able to correct itself.


To determine the cause of symptoms we must look under the hood.

We use a variety of tests to do so, these can include:

  • Blood tests
  • Urinary hormone tests
  • Fecal Biomic testing
  • Epigenetic SNP Testing of DNA
  • Hormone Tests
  • Toxic load tests
  • Hydrogen Breath testing
  • Cognitive Behavior stratification
  • Oral myofunctional exam
  • Physical examination

The goal of these exams is to form a 3 dimensional image of your state of wellbeing and where if any intervention is required. They are a baseline to compare to and determines treatment success.

If you think your system is running rough, perhaps you need us to take a detailed look under the hood and alter your health.

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